Journalise the following in the books of Anand General Merchants | Anand General Merchants pustakamadhye khaalil goshti chi journalize kara


1. Mr. Anand started business with cash Rs.60,000. 
5. Purchase goods for cash Rs.30,000. 
7. Sold goods of Rs.10,000 to Suresh. 
10. Purchased Furniture from Mr. Govind on credit Rs.30,000. 
15. Paid for Rent Rs.3,000 and paid by debit card. 
21. Purchased goods from Urmila on credit Rs.70,000. 
27. Paid for Transport Rs.1,000 to United Transport. 
30. Paid to Urmila Rs.20,000 on behalf of Sharmila.  



In the books of Mr. Anand 






April 1 

Cash A/c Dr. 
          To Capital A/c  
[Being Business started with cash] 





Purchase A/c Dr. 
          To Cash A/c 
[Being Purchase goods for cash] 





Goods A/c Dr. 
          To Sales A/c 
[Being Sold goods for cash] 





Furniture A/c Dr. 
          To Govind A/c 
[Being Purchase Furniture from Govind on credit] 





Rent A/c Dr. 
          To Bank A/c 
[Being paid for rent by debit card] 





Purchase A/c Dr. 
          To Urmila A/c  
[Being Purchase goods from Urmila on credit] 





Transport A/c Dr. 
          To Cash A/c  
[Being paid for transport] 





Sharmila A/c Dr. 
          To Cash A/c  
[Being cash paid to Urmila on behalf to Sharmila] 




Explanatory Notes: 



1. Business started with cash. Any Cash bought by proprietor in a Business is a capital for Business. Cash account is a Real account, Rule Says that Debit what comes in and Credit what goes out. therefore cash is coming into the business hence it shown on debit side and Capital account is Nominal account Rule is Debit all expense and losses and Credit all income and gain. Therefore Capital is an Liability for business Hence it shown on Credit side. 


5. Goods are Purchased for Cash. On Debit Side Purchase account because Debit what comes in and On Credit Side cash account because Credit what goes out. 


7. Goods are Sold to Suresh. On Debit side Suresh account because in the statement cash is not mentioned therefore we assume goods are sold on Credit to Suresh. On Credit side Sales account because credit the giver. where goods are credited to Suresh. (Refer Personal A/c rule) 
10. Furniture is purchased from Govind on credit. Furniture is Asset for the business therefore shown on debit side [Refer Real Account Formula] and proprietor is not paying cash immediately to Govind he will pay in future therefore Govind account is credited [refer real account Formula] 
15.Paid Rent. Rent is expense for business therefore shown on debit side [Refer Nominal Account Formula] and paid by debit card if proprietor pays by bank though it should shown as Bank account on credit side. 
21. Goods purchased on credit from Urmila. Goods are bought into business therefore shown on debit side and proprietor is not paying cash on the spot to Urmila therefore urmila account is credited to credit side. 
27. Paid for Transport to United Transport. Transport is an expense for the business therefore shown on debit side [Refer nominal account Formula] and cash is going out of the business therefore shown on credit side. 
30. Paid to Urmila on behalf of Sharmila. Sharmila is receiving the cash on behalf of Urmila therefore sharmila account is debited to debit side and proprietor is paying cash therefore Cash account is credited to credit side [Refer personal account Formula]. 


Anand General Merchants started operations with a capital of Rs.60,000. 30,000 for purchase of goods, giving credit to Suresh and Sh. The strategic move involved taking furniture from Govind on credit of Rs 30,000. Notable financial transactions include debit card fares of Rs. 3,000 and on behalf of Sharmila to Urmila Rs. 20,000 was involved in settling. These journal entries highlight Anand's commitment to transparent and prudent financial management.



3 Gold Rule of  Accounting. 

Personal Account: 1. Debit The Receiver. 

                               2. Credit The Giver. 


Real Account: 1. Debit What Comes In. 

                        2. Credit What Goes Out. 


Nominal Account: 1. Debit All Expenses And Losses. 

                               2. Credit All Income And Gain. 




Journalise the following in the books of Anand General Merchants.


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