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Want to start earnings, but don't know the correct way to learn. 

Today You will get all the sources of work from home as a college student. Start making money as earlier as possible. Nowadays, you have lots of options open to generate your teenage revenue. Teenage Revenue will help you to take over your expenses and gain valuable experience of work. Many students are making money from social media, Amazon, Online queues, etc. 'Grow your career with digital'.  

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1. Earn from Facebook.

If you're posting our photos and videos on Facebook Then you can earn from that photos and videos. If you want to be content creative and like to do innovative thing on Facebook. You could be eligible to make money through Facebook. 

How to monetize your content ?

You need to meet the requirements of Facebook, such as having well Page followers.

After you get monetized with Facebook, put ads in your videos, earn money with live stream collaborate with brands.

By publishing brand content in your page, tag them using brand content tools.   

2. Earn from Instagram.

Nowadays, Best way to earn digitally is from Instagram. The highest number of users in India using Instagram. As a creator, if you willing to influence on the platform this is the time to start your influencer career. 

Ways to make money

• Sponsored Content

• IGTV ads

• Partnership with Brand

• Do promote affiliate links 

• Consulting

3. YouTube Vlogging

You can start a YouTube vlogs by Sign in to your YouTube through Google Account, then create a channel. And start filming your content video, give a brief description and tags related to your content. It's not to easy to do vlogs because you have to give your full day, there is lots of competition. But if you're innovative having mindset of creator then must do this. 

4. Freelance work.

Most of us daily heards that I work in Freelancer. But What is Freelance?

Freelance means self employed or work for different companies on particulars projects.

One of the easiest way to make money is freelancing. Here you do copywriting, data entry, video editing, making pdf, translation, etc. Many websites provides these kind of works such as, Freelancer, Fiverr, Chegg India, Freelance India etc.

5. Amazon Affiliate Program.

Do the Amazon Affiliate marketing. The Best way to earn from Amazon the one of the top ecommerce company over the world. You can simply sign to your amazon account and then make Amazon affiliate associate program account. Amazon will provide you the affiliates links that you can share on your social media account, Whatsapp, website, etc. If someone buys the product from your affiliate link then you will get paid Amazon Affiliate Program commission.

Don't know how to do Affiliate Marketing.  

6. Podcasts

If you're willing or adorable for writing or letting Stories. Then Podcast is the way for you, What is Podcast?

You will make a audio and upload it to the internet for the users, They will download it and subscribe to your podcasts. 

Google Podcast, spotify, Buzzsprout, anchor, Podbean,etc.


Don't try to work which is not cup of your tee 


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